Devastation, at last, finally we meet :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “Ariel” :: Art by Max Gasparini

I had a feeling you were hiding your thoughts.
I made a note to myself,
I nearly forgot,
now I am overwrought.”

Losing rain drops
by me

a case of misguided identity
packed nicely
side by side
with breath mints
extra socks
a bottle of jasmine oil
pointy shoes
and expectation

she waits in the rain
the buses come and go
her name dripping off strands
of hair
of time
of wishing and waiting

her ankles turn in
she is tip toes
and weak knees
up down up down up and down
down again
dance with unrequited life

the car pulls up
around the bend
his assault is silent
her resistance
like gossamer wings
somewhere there are bells

her name appears in smeared black
blue lines crossing

and the mask slips
for a moment
pink flesh
lost and found milk carton
love letters
holding a ticket still
in her hands

tell me your name, again

Mockingbirds :: Grant Lee Buffalo

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