Keep Art Alive :: “Country Western Star” :: Art by Kelly Haigh

Hey baby can you bleed like me?
C’mon baby can you bleed like me?

by me

Some scars are surface seen,
hash marks and x’s like keeping score,
where you have broken and sought repair,
or at least in attempt to heal over.

Some scars are locked inside,
invisible war wounds from words whispered and screamed,
where regrets and love lost lies snag and tear,
never quite losing their sting.

We are all carrying the slings and arrows of living in this life,
the walking wounded,
the just hanging on,
the barely breathing.
We are all in that fragile state of getting over,
even if it never shows.

So put your mask on,
plaster your face in a new disguise,
wear red lipstick as if it were bullets in a gun,
play music loud enough to bleed your ears,
whatever you need,
to begin again.

I know I do,
just trying to cover the cuts between the lines,
just trying to get the bleeding to stop,
just trying to get over you.

Bleed Like Me :: Garbage

2 thoughts on “It’s better off than trying to take a bullet from a gun :: SOTD

  1. I’m just gonna say it again you should get these poems and pieces compiled into a book and at least bind it for yourself OR even put it on your own website as an e-book download or amazon for sale. I will buy it asap too.

  2. Another song I haven’t heard in a long time too and am loving hearing it now, it goes perfectly yet again with your writing on this one. \
    “wear red lipstick as if it were bullets in a gun” I wish I wrote this way.

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