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Keep Art Alive :: Art by Aaron Kraten

And I’m not still drunk,
I can say it with a straight face,
that I still find love,
on a TV in a dark place,
and I know it’ll come,
that feeling back to me,
but until it does forgetting you is only a memory.”

by me

A church parking lot
hours past dark
sinning in the shadow of someone else’s god
you and me

Was it the nineties yet
the last time I saw your eyes
passing too quickly by each other in an awkward daze
me and you

I went off and had a baby
while you tried to win her back
never once picking up the phone to say hey how you’ve been
it was easier to just pretend

A drive-in Summer night
during the second feature
giving over everything beneath a film reel flicker
you and me

Was it at the end of a third drink
when you thought to remember my face
a girl of just nineteen leaving letters on your broken passenger seat
me and you

You eventually got married
around the time of my second divorce
searching through new last name’s to never say hello
it is easier to just pretend

Because we are nothing
but you and me
and me and you
nothing now but a memory

Still Drunk :: Butch Walker

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