Haven’t Got a Clue (1991) :: Dramarama

Take me high on your silent wings,
and I swear,
I’ll do anything for you.”


About the song:

Haven’t Got a Clue is a song from the Los Angeles, California-based alternative rock/power pop band, Dramarama. It was a single off 1991’s album Vinyl, distributed by Elektra Records on their Chameleon label. This marked the first time the band was backed by a “major label”, and it showed as the band started garnering nationwide airplay – with this song.


The band was originally formed in New Jersey, in 1982, and eventually “called it quits” in 1994, though they’ve been known to reunite and tour off-an-on ever since an appearance on VH1’s Bands Reunited reality show, in 2003.

Vinyl was the band’s fourth released album.


Haven’t Got a Clue (live) :: Dramarama

My thoughts:

I fell hard for Dramarama in the 80’s, obsessively loving their animals Cinéma Vérité and Box Office Bomb. My best friend and I traded those albums back-and-forth, memorizing all the songs, fascinated by the tie-in’s to Warhol and Edie Sedgwick, current Pop Culture, and the kind of truth that the street wise prophets of rock-and-roll could teach. We saw them live in the late 80’s, on Halloween, at an all-ages club near the beach. For a good long while I felt like they were our band, and that no one loved them as passionately, and loyally, as we did.

Then I met a boy who loved them just as much, if not more. Dramarama was one of our connections, and the album Vinyl, along with the album that would follow, would become he and my collections of songs. We saw the band, and John Easdale solo, many times while we were together, singing-a-long to this song at shows, in my car, in the homes we would share. We played this song on our way to the courthouse to get married, in 2000, as it was the first Dramarama song we ever listened to together. It is impossible to hear it and not think of him. I wonder if wherever he went in the “afterlife” he is still a fan? Maybe he found all the “clues“.


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