In discord and rhyme :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “The Wanderers” :: Art by Tara McPherson

A scent and a sound,
I’m lost and I’m found,
and I’m hungry like the wolf.”

(by me)

You are always messing up my lipstick
tangling my hair
singing electricity into my ears
showing up just long enough to blow me away
then taking off into the Pacific Coast winds

I am always straddling the line
between make-believe and make you leave
pretending that we are nothing much at all
but then you grab hold of me
and my intentions ignite
into a heat that no ocean could try to tame

You are the wolf in me howling at the sky
and I am your truth that comes packed in a lie
in some other world we are warriors
heroes and thieves
but now we are just a kind of misplaced catastrophe

But someday
we may just run off into the endless nowhere
claws out and heart-shaped holes defined
and we will fucking shine

Hungry like the Wolf :: Snow Hill

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