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Keep Art Alive :: “Superman is Dead” :: Art by David MacDowell

I’m miss World,
watch me break,
and watch me burn

Every hero turns the other way
by me

Rescuer, healer, enabler, lover extraordinaire
in the beginning I would save you from anything
split open my veins and bleed into you
turn myself inside out and upside down until you finally you’d say
I love you

My cape was full of holes even then,
but so were the stockings you loved ripping to shreds.
As long as I was there believing, cheering in the stands,
sucking you off in the backseat like the groupie you wanted,
like your muse without meaning,
like the girl who was there to save you from it all.

Well darling, eventually every hero turns the other way
to run

Watch me break into a million pieces of who you wanted me to be
Watch me turn into the lie you told everyone that I never was
Watch me smile wide and pretty as I cock the trigger and pull it back
Watch me become the girl you will tell the one about
as some cautionary tale

So she can say…

Oh poor baby, what did she do to you
Oh poor baby, why did she do you so wrong
Oh poor baby, let me save your broken soul
and make you my own

I said that all once, didn’t I?

Rescuer, healer, enabler, lover extraordinaire
in the end you will leave me on the side of the road to die
split open my veins until I bleed out on the pavement
turn yourself completely away and pretend that I was just fodder for your next great creation
and leave me behind

There will always be another left for me to save
until there is nothing left for me to give
until there is no place left for thehero to turn and run

Miss World :: Hole

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