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Ana Bagayan

Keep Art Alive :: “Little Dinosaur” :: Art by Ana Bagayan

They say that I am crazy,
my life wasting on this road,
that time will find my dreams,
scared or dead and cold.”

Run Rosie Run
by me

They kissed goodbye under the last roadside attraction they would share
underneath the shadows of a paint-pealing dinosaur
its underbelly the only shade in the middle of Summer desert heat
he would say later that the sun scorched her heart
that all that dust in her lungs made her choose to run

She bought a tiny souvenir to take with her
a memory that fit in the palm of her hand
not that she would need a cue to stir her memories
of the boy with home in his eyes

She packed her bag the night before while he dreamt beside her
a year of Sundays twitching in his intertwining eyelashes
one more week together and he’d have her all dressed up in white
she would say later that this was her greatest regret
but the the road was her only true love forever

She left a threadbare t-shirt in his backseat
a memory that he could feel on his skin
not that they’d ever made it to the late October show
maybe he’d take someone else now

I’ll love you regardless
I’ll love you well beyond now
I’ll love you when the night comes and takes me
when I leave the next one behind

She recited it over and again
like a song
as the dinosaurs disappeared in the rear view

Run Rosie run

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