My Top 5 New Releases :: The Week of January 5, 2015


My Top 5 New Releases :: The Week of January 5, 2015

1. The Balcony :: Catfish & The Bottlemen


Three-Sentence Review: Admittedly, when I first saw the band’s title I couldn’t help but think of Echo & The Bunnymen, and maybe that was part of what drew me in to push play and listen, so I’m thankful for that moment of silly musical naming recognition because this is a great musical start to the new year – a new album to be obsessed with. Musically, I am reminded of The Maccabees, The Fratellis, and Bastille musically, but I’m also feeling a little Replacements, Weezer and The Format, when it comes to the lyrics and storytelling. Also, I have such a thing for songs with the word “fuck” in them (yeah, I know, very adolescent of me, but I do).

Initial Favorite Track(s): Cocoon, Pacifier and Sidewinder

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5+


2. Radio :: Ryan Bingham


Three-Sentence Review: One of my favorite artists has a new album coming soon (Fear & Saturday Night – out on January 20) which I cannot wait for, but at least there are singles to fall in love with, and play over and over again. Radio is the second released single, and it has everything I love about Ryan’s music in it, wonderful, confessional kind of storytelling, emotional and rough around the edges in that bluesy way vocals, and that delicious build as the song winds up to the end, its sexy and catchy and I can’t wait for the full album.

Initial Favorite Track(s): N/A (single)

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5+


3. Evermotion :: Guster

Guster Evermotion

Three-Sentence Review: I so love it when the first song on an album is so good that I know near immediately that it will be one, if not the favorite, on the album. This album starts so strong, Long Night is gorgeous and lush and dreamy, and the rest of it doesn’t disappoint, either. I love the psychedlic/sixties infusion in songs like Just What it Is, that add to the indie/dream/chamber pop sensibilities.

Initial Favorite Track(s): Long Night, Doin’ it Myself and It is Just What it Is

Rating (1-5 Stars): 4

Long Night

4. Irresistible :: Fall Out Boy


Three-Sentence Review: Another album that is almost here that I’m dying to hear, and again, there is a single available to tide me over. I love the lyric “you know, you look so Seattle, but you feel so L.A.” This band has grown so much since they first came around, and were playing ever and often out of my then teenage daughter’s bedroom – and they are awesome live – can’t wait to hear American Beauty/American Psycho, also on January 20.

Initial Favorite Track(s)N/A (single)

Rating (1-5 Stars): 4


5. Daffodils :: Mark Ronson & Kevin Parker


Three-Sentence Review: Another single from Mark Ronson and “guest star“. This one is more dance/trance and low-key in a spin around and then chill out kind of way (and yet still 70’s disco infused). Though I don’t immediately LOVE it like Uptown Funk, I’m still digging it, and I think I’d really be fine if Ronson just put out a new single every week – I love the way he produces and creates sounds and songs – always so addicting to the ears.

Initial Favorite Track(s): N/A (single)

Rating (1-5 Stars): 4


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