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Urban Girl Costa Dvorezky

Keep Art Alive :: “Urban Girl” :: Art by Costa Dvorezky

And I thought I saw you out there crying.
And I thought I heard you call my name.
And I thought I heard you out there crying.
But just the same.”

I’m not sure if you’d remember, but it was you who told me to go and see the film this song is from. Later, I teased you that it was kind of a strange choice considering, well, just considering. If we could take away years, push a giant rewind button and return to an age before the weight of so much adult responsibility maybe our ending would be more of a beginning. Who knows, we may have been songwriters together, singing to each other in a tiny one-room flat in New York City. I think I’d like to know you younger, wide-eyed and full of dreams, journals of songs that are waiting to be something more.

You tell me that we don’t need to go backwards, that we can have those kind of stories together now. But I think you fool yourself, my darling, in the notion that we are anything but complicated and near impossible. Escape, I think we both know that’s all we’ve been to each other. Like a vacation to a city you don’t know but pretend to live in, playing house, shopping for bags of coffee beans and a carton of eggs, smiling at the grocer and saying “see you later“, when we will be gone in a mere two days. The view is a beautiful one, but the newsman is giving out stormy weather warnings.

Looking back while facing forward, oh my love, you will always be my lost star.

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