Dial M by Cate Rangel

Keep Art Alive :: “Dial M” :: Art by Cate Rangel

Don’t say you need me when you leave,
and you leave again.
I’m stronger than all my men,
except for you.”

Murder in the mirror
by me

Her age is starting to show
it creeps up the back of her long white nightgown
the one she bought at that corner vintage store
from 1962 the girl behind the counter had said
but what did she know really
she looked barely sixteen

Sometimes she stares at her reflection a beat too long
a younger version winks back at her
whispers temptations and past indiscretions
remember when we locked the world outside
just you and me
we breathed in magic powder lies
that changed us
pained us
made us into something broken and beautiful

Her age is starting to grow
folding her skin into unrecognizable shadows and lines
but she still paints her lips a party girl red
the same shade she wore when she his girl
in the right light he still remembers
with tears in her eyes he still makes her his muse

But she’s cracking at the edge
her hair going grey
and her memories sticking like salt water taffy
caught in the back of her throat
choking her
making everything into a tangle of regret
at least that’s what he claims to see
she knows that’s why he still comes around

She wears a skeleton key
it only opens up for me
the mirror still sings

Pretty When You Cry :: Lana Del Rey

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