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Keep Art Alive :: Art by Adam Caldwell

And if my parents are crying,
then I’ll dig a tunnel,
from my window to yours.
Yeah, a tunnel,
from my window to yours.”

Painted over lies in a bed of truths
by me

We lie together
the noise of neighbors dragging out their trash
clanging and banging just outside the window
somehow it seems to fit right in
with the secret lies we share
lying here together

even after we both swore
never again
no, never again

We lie to each of the other
as the echo of some far off tires skid off the road
squealing and burning rubber into the pavement
somehow it seems to belong
to the swallowed truths we share
lying to their faces

even after we both vowed
forever and ever
yes, forever again

And the days will turn into weeks
turn into more than a brand new year
as we pretend to not notice each other
to avert our eyes
to turn and walk away

but your songs still sing in my ears
and my photographs they dance across your fingerprinted lens

this last time around it took years off our lives
until we could mouth the words silently
signing “come find me” in coffee stains
and bled out red flag warnings
sent out from the paths we chose to take
until one of us faltered
until one of us spoke a fathomless hello

in poetry
in photography
in lyrical disdain

until we were led here again
lying side-by-side
lying back-to-back
lying to ourselves
believing this was ever over

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) :: Arcade Fire

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