I’ll only hurt you in my dreams :: #ThrowbackThursday

Feed the Tree (1993) :: Belly

“This little squirrel I used to be,
slammed her bike down the stairs.
They put silver where her teeth had been.
Baby Silvertooth,
she grins and grins.” Continue reading I’ll only hurt you in my dreams :: #ThrowbackThursday

Four years of Lyriquediscorde

Today marks four years here at Lyriquediscorde. I knew it was coming soon, though I still find it strange that it was the 28th of a month that I started things up around here as I am typically a first days kind of person. But, here it is, my blog’s anniversary, and I almost missed it. You see, I’ve been questioning continuing with Lyriquediscorde the past two weeks, seriously considering an extended hiatus, or a complete blog-retirement. I had gotten myself in a slump, and found myself completely overwhelmed by the amount of writing and themes and things I was trying … Continue reading Four years of Lyriquediscorde