15. They Want My Soul :: Spoon


My thoughts (from my review in August – an excerpt from a longer review):
They Want My Soul should probably be tied with number two as this is a stellar album, from start to finish. But, let’s start at the start, shall we?Rent I Pay takes you right into the groove, tight percussion, electro-twangy guitars (is that a word? yes, yes it is today), and a catch chorus that had me singing-a-long before the song was even done. This song throws out a hook that snags immediately, and then you are reeled in completely.

Favorite song: Do You

Do You :: Spoon

14. LP1 :: FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs

My thoughts (from my review in August – excerpt from a longer review):
Tahliah Barnett, the voice behind FKA Twigs, comes across as something otherworldly. Vocally, she reminds me of some of my favorite 90’s Trip Hop, like the younger sibling of Portishead’s Beth Gibbons and Sneaker Pimp’s Kelli Dayton, which is refreshingly wonderful as I have missed Trip Hop music so much.

Favorite song: Two Weeks

Two Weeks :: FKA Twigs

13. Playland :: Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr

My thoughts (from my review in September):
Addictive and incredibly listenable, Playland has taken me by surprise, exceeding any expectations I had when I pushed play. This album completely trumps and takes over Moz’s disappointing release this year in its musical relevancy and cutting edge feel. The album plays like a fantastic mix of some of my favorite mid-to-late 80’s bands (Love and Rockets, Flesh For Lulu, New Order) and some of the more recent alt-rock bands I’ve loved (Arctic Monkeys, The Libertines, Palma Violets).

Favorite song: Easy Money

Easy Money :: Johnny Marr

12. Neuroplasticity :: Cold Specks

Layout 1

My thoughts (from my review in August):
Gothic soul infused with blues and a dose of gospel (goth gospel? yes, yes it is) that is like listening to a post-modern great-grandchild of Nina Simone who hangs out on the corner, and in smoky dive bars, with Siouxsie Sioux, Chan Marshall and Allison Mosshart. She (Al Spx) describers her style as “doom soul”, and I’m right there with that description, and the grown-up goth girl that I am is really digging this. I want to hear her record something with Nick Cave, and I want American Horror Story to use some of this album to soundtrack the show.

Favorite song: Absisto

Absisto :: Cold Specks

St Vincent

11. Self-Titled :: St. Vincent

My thoughts:
Late to the St. Vincent rage, as admittedly I just didn’t feel it the first time I had a listen (different album, a few years back), but then I re-visited and it all changed. This album became one of my favorites of the year, barely missing the Top 10 cut off, and other past albums became a art of my rotation. There is something gloriously odd and creative and unique in her music, that sometimes is hard to grasp at first taste, but then it sticks and stays and becomes something you didn’t know you needed, like this album became to me.

Favorite song: I Prefer Your Love

I Prefer Your Love :: St. Vincent

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