My Top 30 Albums of 2014 :: 30-26

30. Mind Over Matter :: Young The Giant

Young the Giant

My thoughts (from my review in January):
The sonic build-up of the first “prologue” of a track grabbed my attention from the start, though I do wish it had seemlessly worked its way into a different choice of track two (or would it be one?) song, a stronger song (perhaps Crystallized). Electronic sensibilities definitely take the reigns on this sophomore album, but never to the detriment of the vocal power. There is power here, creative growth, introspective lyrics and what feels like a melding together of multiple sounds/style/possible inspirations; I was ready to be disappointed, but instead, I am enthralled.

Favorite song: Firelight

Firelight (live) :: Young The Giant

29. Southern Sun :: Boy & Bear

Boy & Bear

My thoughts:
A last minute discovery, of sorts, as it was not an album I’d reviewed during the year (how’d I miss it before?). Instead, I fell for the song, Southern Sun, when I heard it on the XM station, The Spectrum, loving it so much I had to hunt down the album. With one of my iTunes cards given as a holiday gift I bought the album, and can’t seem to stop listening to it.

Favorite song: Southern Sun

Southern Sun :: Boy & Bear

28. Avonmore :: Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry

My thoughts (from my review in November):
Holy fuck, a week with both a new album (and then some) from Bowie and a Bryan Ferry new release, how am I to deal with that? I fell in love with Roxy Music via my teenage obsession with Duran Duran, and the influence they placed on the band, and my love for Bryan Ferry’s voice and style has never left me. There is something magical to his voice, something incredibly sensual and utterly irresistible – and all of that is here, exponentially so, in each and every song – I mean, who knew that Send in the Clowns could sound sexy and Loop De Li feels like it could have been on Roxy Music’s Avalon, how amazing is that?

Favorite song: Loop De Li

Loop De Li :: Bryan Ferry

27. Lost in the Dream :: The War On Drugs

The War On Drugs

My thoughts:
Another late bloomer of a favorite album, also discovered via XM’s The Spectrum (I sound like an advertisement, though not my intention to – I just love discovering new music and give credit where it’s due). Red Eyes was the first song I heard, the one that drew me to the album, but the rest of the album actually captured me much more than that first single. There is something 70’s California Laurel Canyon in this album, reminiscent of my childhood and the music that surrounded me then.

Favorite song: Under the Pressure

Under the Pressure :: The War On Drugs

26. Morning Phase :: Beck


My thoughts:
Somehow I never reviewed this one, though I know it was played more than often since its release in February. It has become my second favorite Beck album (the first will always be Sea Change, which in some ways Morning Phase shares sound and sensibility with). There is a dreamy quality to so many of the songs, and in many ways they have helped act as muse to the desert story I’m writing, feeling like part of it’s soundtrack.

Favorite song: Morning

Morning :: Beck

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