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Keep Art Alive :: “Thorns” :: Art by Kelly Vivanco

Oh well, I look at you and say,
it’s the happiest that I’ve ever been,
and I’ll say I no longer feel I have to be James Dean,
and she’ll say,
‘yeah, well I feel all pretty happy too’,
and I’m always pretty happy when I’m just kicking back with you.”

Five Years Time
by me ~ inspired by a song title (see above)

Your bleeding, he says
pointing out the mark on her face
and the one down the side of her right leg
the trickles racing red down pale white skin
as she just stares at him
all wide eyed vacancy
her feelings gone back to ice cold numb
tingling to the touch of the early morning sun
but not to him anymore

Maybe they can meet in another five years, he thinks
when the air is clear and the complications lessen
though those arbitrary years did not help this last time

Maybe when the feeling is back her veins, he considers
when the tears stop falling into his guitar strung songs
though wasn’t it the highs and the lows that brought them here at all?

Your crying, she says
tracing each detoured drop down his stubble sharp cheek
noticing the new ones ready to fall
hanging precariously off long dark eyelashes
his eyes dark as midnight
glistening from the swirl of emotion
but he just stares right back at her
his mouth agape but wordless
guess there’s nothing left to say anymore

Maybe he’ll miss her when she’s long, long gone, she muses
when he forgets the way her eyes glow in this low moon lighting
though it’s her face he sees flickering on the inside of his eyes when he tries to sleep

Maybe she will dislodge the rocks and sand from where her heart should be, she wishes
when she can let herself remember what it felt like to dance barefoot in his room
though she lies and tells herself that it never did matter to her at all

She’s never was his Elizabeth my dear
and he never could be her Jimmy from the five and dime
but they could have been something, they silently agree
they could have been happy

5 Years Time (live) :: Noah & The Whale

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