No hero in her sky :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Christian Schloe

“And so it is,
just like you said it should be,
we’ll both forget the breeze,
most of the time.”

by me

What would you have me do
turn around one last time
show you all the scars beneath my skin
crack open my rib cage to let my insides free
so that you could catch me
so that you could let me fall

What should I do with all of this
you and this song that kills me
bleeding through the phone lines
words breaking the darker tones of your voice
and me still holding it all in
all these fucking feelings

What could any of this mean anyway
just a passing moment blown between us
a detour to somewhere we never meant to be
the map never folds back into place
not when I can still feel your hands on my skin
a touch that is not really mine

and yet you are still here singing

If I turn around again
I won’t be able to stay

If I turn around again
I won’t be able to speak

If I turn around again
I won’t be able to stop

If I turn around again
I won’t turn around again

The Blower’s Daughter (live) :: Damien Rice