I said thank you girl,
thank you girl,
I’ll love you till the end of the world

An untitled train of thought
by me

Our last conversation
when things were still something
before the misunderstood parting
and all those assumptions that we both made
before our unspoken end
before all of that
as I lay there in the crook of your arms
you told me we could be like Paul and Joanne
that the love you were falling into
was an end of the world kind of thing
the stuff of poets and balladeers
of first kisses and last embraces
and all that ’til death nonsense
I laughed in disbelief
the vibration of my reaction creating a rhythm on your bare skin
and you pulled away
pain painting dark shadows around your eyes
I sat up then
reaching for you until you leaned in close
hurt the reaction I could feel shaking between us
and I said darling we can never be them
not when we pull on pants and coats
grabbing for keys and awkward glances at phone screens
escaping to return home to ones we once claimed as our own
You cupped my face in your hands then
shifting my gaze to meet yours
whispering that where we were
is not where we are
love follows no one’s rules
not in an end of the world way
like Joanne and Paul
if they were here to see us
or if we had lasted at all
past that night
past new laugh lines
past the ending credits that played without a soundtrack
or any real goodbye

guess the world ended without us
guess we never made it out of this alive
give that one next to you now all my best
maybe you’ll love her ’til the end of time

(I’ll Love You) ‘Til the End of the World :: Nick Cave

4 thoughts on “To her hair white as snow and her pale blue eyes :: SOTD

  1. I kind of want to cry at this, the whole thing and this “not when we pull on pants and coats grabbing for keys and awkward glances at phone screens escaping to return home to ones we once claimed as our own”.

    I could hear this song on a mix right after “Stay Awhile”. By the way much of the Peaky Blinders soundtrack is Nick Cave.

    1. Yeah, I may have cried at that, too.

      I NEED to watch Peaky Blinders! I think it may be my Christmas break binge watch!

      Hmmm…I want to hear Stay Awhile and this song back-to-back now…hmmm…

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