Keep Art Alive :: “Sundown” :: Art by Aaron Nagel

But he can’t be a man,
’cause he doesn’t smoke,
the same cigarettes as me.”

by me

He sends notes now and then
at first with a wink and a nod
feigned attempts to make her smile
that way she did when the signs said begin
the next set are soaked in desperation
pleas of baby baby come back to me
she feels the tug and pull
as if he’s reached through the ether
and grabbed her by the collar

His name is there on her pursed lips
but she covers it all up in red
years ago they would have chalked it all up to timing
as he lit his cigarette off the burn of hers
smoke was not the only thing she gave up
nothing satisfies quite the same since
though his fingers sure know how to play
teasing song after song from her softest skin
the hum escaping like breath as she comes again

They quit the habit long ago
all that’s left is this cloying residue
the days fill with so much dissatisfaction
as one more note is pinned to her door
maybe this time is the last time he says
just come here and say it face to face
the tears come then in trickle down formation
because she knows this was really the last time
the paper crumples and fades away

I can’t get no

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction :: Cat Power

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