Gotta kiss myself I’m so pretty :: SOTD


Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, and Lauren Bacall (1953)

I’m too hot (hot damn),
called a police and a fireman.
I’m too hot (hot damn),
make a dragon wanna retire man.
I’m too hot (hot damn),
say my name you know who I am.”

Before we begin
(by me)

The girls all gather
some on the bed and others at the mirror
the music plays loud
discarded dresses litter the hardwood
lipstick kiss marks on tossed aside tissues
all of us declaring this a night to remember

We switch shoes with one another
some with our hair pinned up and others long and ironed straight
the record flips to side b
fishnets or over-the-knee stockings in every color
liquid liner makes the best Marilyn mark
all of us telling each other “baby, you are too hot for this town

No times to follow will ever compare
with all of us gathered together
getting ready for the time of our lives
falling in love with the spin of a hemmed short skirt
the point of a black patent boot
or the way we sway to that “just one more song” before we go

Uptown Funk :: Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars

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