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Ben Kessler is a sixteen year old singer-songwriter from Philadelphia who has released his first EP, So It Goes. Ben sent his music to listen to and review, and I was delighted to give him a shout out here as part of the “now hear this” feature on lyriquediscorde. Independent artists who are out there living their dreams are very important to me, as is promoting said artists and encouraging everyone I know, or who reads and listens here, to help keep art alive.Ben won the Philadelphia Songwriters Project’s annual songwriting competition at age fifteen, and between being a day-to-day high school student, Ben has been touring his city and recording said EP. To follow your dreams and aspirations at such a young age so persistently is so inspiring to me. I encourage you to have a listen to a featured song from his EP, as well as a cover version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, and my favorite song, My Hero, featured acoustically below.

Missing You


Hallelujah (live)


My Hero (live)

Be sure to check-out Ben’s EP page here, his website here, and go like him on Facebook, too. Oh, and if you want to hear more you can check him out on YouTube and Spotify.

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      1. You can hear youth in his voice but he’s so steady & it’s a good thing & you can tell his voice is just going to stay smooth but get richer. Good find Laura, he’s a good one.

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