So she woke up :: SOTD


You got to cry without weeping,
talk without speaking,
scream without raising your voice.”

Three words
by me

What does this all mean now
what could you possibly say
to explain this twist in the story
to excuse the way this feels inside

I walk around with this painted on position
red lips that crack the closer you look
but no one leans in to see

Five dial tone recordings
I swear that sounds like your breath on the line
but nothing comes no words at all
so I run like hell into the echoes of silence

You have all of my secrets and sins
my mask flew right into the unsettled sea
as I cracked open the shell I once hid beneath

All I asked was for your simple truths
not just lines of poetry
or another lyrical refrain
I never wanted all these heartbreak songs

Still I keep holding all this inside me
countless tears still there waiting in the wings
that key was not the only thing I left behind when I slammed the door behind me

Three words
well I guess they don’t much matter anymore

Running to Stand Still :: Elbow

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