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Before we start…a word from the Editor:

A new project from producer Sunny Levine featuring 13 different guest artists performing brand new original songs…featuring:

Hugh Masekela / Orelia / Rashida Jones / Grace Kelly / Nicholas Nauman / John Gold / Pete Yorn / Phlo Finister /Aska Matsumiya /James Gadson / Young Dad / Brenda Russell

Please help keep art alive and support this project here – support deadline is November 27th so please go now – every dollar counts! This project means a lot to me…

& now for the questions…

Keep Art Alive :: The 10 Questions Project :: Featuring Sunny Levine

1. What music (or other art form) inspires you when you create your art?

I listen to a lot of music all the time and usually whatever I’m listening to shines thru in the music I make. luckily I am terrible at copying things, especially when that’s the brief which is why it hardly ever is the brief for me as a music maker.

2. Long distance road trip: what three people do you invite along (fictional or non-fictional, dead or alive)? 

Richard Brautigan (dead), Howie B. (alive) and my Father Stewart Levine (very alive).

3. What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

In real life i eat some sort of healthy granola type jammy jam, but if i was really being real I would love a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch, its still so good.

4. What is one thing that is hanging on your bedroom wall?

* Editor’s note: answered as “bathroom wall”.

There is a ceramic pink flamingo on a high shelf, and he is watching over all things bathroom.

5. What smell/scent evokes strong memories for you?

The smell of old records which is very similar to the smell of old books always gets me. A damp old record smell brings back my childhood times in upstate New York and dryer old record smell makes me think  California memories.

6. Coffee or tea?

So much coffee, all day espressos, into the night…

7. What has been the most impactful compliment, or criticism, you have ever received?

I have gotten some solid props from heavy music makers and that has meant the world. Someone who makes things like you do knows what it takes and can notice the nuances of what your doing because they have been there and know what it takes to build the illusion of a record.

8. Three words that describe you?

Chill, not chill.

9. What is/was your cartoon character crush?

I was definitely way into Jessica Rabbit.

10. The world is ending in ten minutes and you get to listen to one, and only one, song: Which song?

It might be an ever changing answer, but if the world were in deed ending today or tomorrow I would want to listen to Brilliant Trees by David Sylvian. A bit heavy and a downer but i reckon the end of the world will be a bit of a downer. such a lovely song and an amazing record w/ Riuichi Sakamoto on the keys and a broken Jon Hassell on trumpet. I cant get enough of that song lately….

Brilliant Trees :: David Sylvian

My forever answer would be PRINCE The Ballad of Dorothy Parker.

The Ballad of Dorothy Parker :: Prince

Editor’s Note: What a fantastic last song on earth choice! Have you ever covered this? I think you’d do a fantastic cover of it.

Sunny Levine has been making music for twenty plus years and is currently working on this fantastic project that I am so excited about. You can read about the project and listen to some clips here. I am asking all the lyriquediscorde readers and listeners to check it out and consider helping to support the project.

Pete Yorn,a favorite musician of mine, is featured on this project. You can hear a sneak sample of his track, Kellen Winslow, from Boss Selection here. You can also hear a snipped of Rashida Jones, Flip and Rewind track here.

Remember to keep art alive and help support the music and musicians you love.

You can learn more about Sunny Levine via his website. You can also be “Social” and friend Sunny Levine on Facebook here, and follow Sunny Levine on Twitter here.

I want to thank Sunny Levine for participating in the Keep Art Alive: 10 Questions Project.

Please remember to support the artists you enjoy and discover – be a part of what KEEPS ART ALIVE by going to shows, buying what you can, and promoting what you love. ALWAYS.

And don’t forget to check-out Boss Selection and help support it if you can.


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Abby Ross

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