New Release Tuesday :: My Top 5 :: November 17, 2014


New Release Tuesday :: My Top 5 :: November 17, 2014


1. Nothing has Changed :: David Bowie

Three-Sentence Review: A new Bowie album, albeit a “hits” type of thing, is always going to be in my #1 slot. This comes 25 years after the Sound and Vision box set that I once owned, and cherished (oh my stars it was amazing), then again, I also passionately loved the Changesonebowie compilation.The album comes in three varieties, with three reflective covers (see above), the 3-CD version the best of the best touting 59 tracks in reverse chronological order – it is beyond amazing, even if a few favorites seem missing – now I hope that corresponding museum tour makes it to the City of Angels soon.

Initial Favorite Track(s): Oh how can I pick this? As of right now, this morning, pre-coffee, I’d say Absolute Beginners, Heroes and Moonage Daydream – but really, REALLY, the whole damn collection

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5+

Absolute Beginners


2. Avonmore :: Bryan Ferry

Three-Sentence Review: Holy fuck, a week with both a new album (and then some) from Bowie and a Bryan Ferry new release, how am I to deal with that? I fell in love with Roxy Music via my teenage obsession with Duran Duran, and the influence they placed on the band, and my love for Bryan Ferry’s voice and style has never left me. There is something magical to his voice, something incredibly sensual and utterly irresistible – and all of that is here, exponentially so, in each and every song – I mean, who knew that Send in the Clowns could sound sexy and Loop De Li feels like it could have been on Roxy Music’s Avalon, how amazing is that?

Initial Favorite Track(s): Loop De Li, Soldier of Fortune and Send in the Clowns

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5+


3. Ixora :: Copeland

Three-Sentence Review: I was never much of a fan when they were first together, not so much for their talent or sound, but because they were off my musical radar, and most likely categorized in an Emo-vein that I tried to avoid at the time (side effect of having an adolescent of the “scene kid” variety at the time). That said, listening to this early release (it is streaming on Spotify, but does not release until next week), I think I missed the boat on this band, and may need to go back and revisit their earlier endeavors. Aaron Marsh’s voice had me from the first few lines of the opening song, and the gorgeous musicality of it all, the simple piano, the subtle production effects, the stark vulnerability, it is emotionally rich and I feel moved listening.

Initial Favorite Track(s): Have I Always Loved You?, Erase and Ordinary

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5



4. Pom Pom :: Ariel Pink

Three-Sentence Review: Quite possibly the strangest release I’ve listened to, and liked, of the year, Ariel Pink’s latest is like a Sid and Marty Kroftt TV show meets Donovan’s nonsensical lyrical creations meets some Frank Zappa mentoring (maybe during one of his infamous midnight pancake parties) and some heavy drug use. I honestly don’t know what is going on while listening, but something about it I find so addicting to listen to. Sometimes the songs are playful and silly and strange, other times surreal, and other times heartbreaking (especially first single, Picture Me Gone).

Initial Favorite Track(s): White Freckles, Dinosaur Carebears and Picture Me Gone

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5

Picture Me Gone


5. Seeds :: TV On the Radio

Three-Sentence Review: Another band that I’ve never really let into my musical landscape, but after listening to this album I find myself wondering if I should remedy that. I cannot get enough of the song Careful You. The album reminds me of some French music from the 40’s that I love mixed up with something that marries together dark electronic music the likes of Cocteau Twins and Shriekback, and newer post-punk alternative the likes of Band of Skulls and Grizzly Bear.

Initial Favorite Track(s): Careful You, Trouble and Seeds

Rating (1-5 Stars): 5

Careful You

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  1. Love the Bowie. I actually bought Nothing Has Changed as a gift for a NYC published poet, I read her new book this past project period. She helped me with some poems and my way of thanking her… was this 3CD set. She loves it. The Ferry is also good I really love the Robert Palmer cover of “Johnny & Mary.” The Wilco reissues are also essential. Check them out!

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