Keep Art Alive :: “Vivid” :: Art by Ann Rodriguez

“Have you seen her dressed in blue?
See the sky in front of you.”

Dreams in Blue
by me

she dreams in technicolor
her mind a big screen flicker
full of unexpected corners
unsaid words
kisses in airport terminals
and 2am coffee shops
red lips
blue skies
and that goddamn blinding sun

the city looks like a fairy tale from here
far away and inconsequential
like her dreams
in vivid disarray

he dreams in criss-crossed imagery
his mind a rhythm of tumbling notes
full of sharps and flats
dates yet to arrive
confessions in Chinese restaurants
and white linen sheets
brown eyes
smoggy skies
and all they’s never be

the city looks full of promise when she’s in his arms
tucked away and nearly invisible
like his dreams
in black and white display

She’s a Rainbow :: The Rolling Stones


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