You make it easy to let the past be done :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Mimi Yoon

How’d you do it, how’d you find me?
How did I find you ?
How can this be true,
to be held and understood?”

The back room in the basement with those high, nearly touching the ceiling windows that were always cracked open, the mingling scent of cigarettes and incense, and the glitter of white twinkle lights framing the room in a fake cheer, that’s what I remember when I hear this song. That room, and you in it.

It was anything but easy to love in the shadows of broken picture frames and drunken kisses, but we managed to cling to one another all the same, at least for awhile. Some nights we just turned up the volume and turned down the lights, slipping ourselves into a soft refrain of tears and dreams.

We were always down there wishing for the love we had before the “happily ever after” hangover set in.

You Make It Easy :: Air, featuring Beth Hirsch