Keep Art Alive ::”The Audience” :: Art by Norman Lindsay

And you sat on the corner of my bed,
and you smoked with the ghost in the back of my head.”

Sleepless Wishing
by me

He came back like a vengeance
like a virus
like a return trip ticket torn in two
turning her insides out until she is nothing but bright red gore
and regret

The rattlesnake venom of what if and could have been
swirl poison hot and sticky through her veins
and she stands there swallowing every silent wish
biting holes in the tip of her tongue

he spun her around like a carousal
with five painted horses
riding up and down and around again
like a trip to the hereafter
entering the gates with nothing but e-tickets in her open hands
and not enough time

The endless nothing of what is and what was promised
wrap chains of cold metal around her wrists
but she dances with every ghost and demon she meets
as they sing holy holy in the back of her mind

He promises her bottles of wine and water
offered up to her dehydrated desert life
but she gave up the right to drink with that one shaky voiced vow
and now she will only see his face in this sleepless dream

Do You Sleep? :: Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories

6 thoughts on “You can’t give yourself absolutely to someone else :: SOTD

      1. Oh my stars I’m so pleased!! That was quicker than I thought. I can’t wait for you to see it and I hope hope hope I didn’t over-pump-it-up, it’s such a gem to me but you’re one of the few people out there I think might enjoy it and get it and appreciate it. Yay!

        And excellent blog post of course;) Still playing the song, might play it a couple more times tonight.


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