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Loving you,
isn’t the right thing to do.
How can I ever change the things that I feel


Go Your Own Way is a song originally by Fleetwood Mac, released as a single in January 1977. The song was written by Lindsey Buckingham, and was the first single from the group’s album, Rumous. The album was borne of a time of separations and breaking apart of relationships within the band, and that level of raw emotion is evident in this song, the conflicting feelings of go and stay that often accompany an ending of love. The song sings of the complicated relationship between Lindsay, and band mate Stevie Nicks, were experiencing in the late 70’s, a complication that so many of us “listeners” can, or have been able to, relate with.

The original song peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the group’s first top-ten hit in the United States. In the UK, the single did not reach such heights, landing on # 38, however it gained in popularity over a longer stretch of time as Rumours received more and more airplay.

The song is ranked # 120 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of Al Time and is on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll list.

Lissie’s cover of the song gained notice in early 2012, when it was used in a Twinings advert and in the film Safe Haven. The song was also used as a theme for the BBC Radio 4 reading of Iain Banks’s Stonemouth, read by David Tennant.

Go Your Own Way (live, 1977) :: Fleetwood Mac


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  1. There is nothing sadder than being in love with someone who has already moved on. Lindsey Buckingham nailed this song so much so that most men don’t really like it as a result. As they say “The Truth Hurts” and besides its a whole lot easier as a guy to listen to “Stay With Me”

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