I need a raincoat :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “Moments Under the Crescent Moon” :: Art by Loui Jover

There’s things I remember and things I forget.
I miss you,
I guess that I should.
Three thousand five hundred miles away,
but what would you change if you could?”

Airport Rain
by me

Tears at the turnstiles
these days I’ve grown to hate the sound of planes
and the intersecting voices that echo off the chaos of a crowd
as another set of folded map miles split us in two

I squint my eyes to remember a time
when I was the one always leaving
destinations dancing with the excited eyes of strangers
as I wrapped a thrift shop raincoat around my shivering skin

But distances change things
and the anchors that keep me leave black and blue signs of separation
I’ll miss you seems as fleeting as our latest refrain of
What could I say to make you stay?”

It’s raining in the city where the sun never sets
it started the moment you turned back to wave
I wonder if the weather will follow you to Baltimore
and how soon will you find my words tucked behind the strings of your guitar

You know how much I hate this kind of goodbye

Raining in Baltimore :: Counting Crows

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