Keep Art Alive :: “La Methode” :: Art by Loui Jover

So, like a ghost in the snow,
I’m getting ready to go,
’cause baby,
that’s all I know,
how to open the door.

No Net
by me

We’ve been here before
the knife is still piercing the wall
the tables still spin in circles
as you and I grab for everything but each other
the stained menus
the sugar bowl
the lukewarm tea

We’ve been here before
the truth is still shadowing the lie
the confessions staying silent
as you and I volley inconsequence back-and-forth
the unchanged weather
the airline tickets
the latest episode of a terrible show

The waiter comes
plates of food we will never touch
as he turns to go the wall finally breaks
everything pouring out into dark pools between us
every misunderstanding and secret arriving
i can see the door in the distance with its blinking escape
urging a get up and run regard

But you grab my hand
tell your stories side
unfolding a map of possibility
and when we walk through the door it’s together
we swear a sailor’s pact to not jump until the nets are cast
but you push us over anyway

Its sink or swim
bend or begin
this story could break my heart

That’s How I Knew the Story Could Break My Heart :: Aimee Mann

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