Standing at the Crossroads of Memory and Make-Believe :: A Saturday Playlist

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Keep Art Alive :: Art by Loui Jover

Standing at the Crossroads of Memory and Make-Believe
A Saturday Playlist
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Wake Up :: Arcade Fire
Crystal Village :: Pete Yorn
Up the Wolves :: The Mountain Goats
Sing :: Ed Sheeran
Would You Fight For My Love? :: Jack White
Baby Says :: The Kills
Siamese Twins :: The Cure
I Prefer Your Love :: St. Vincent
Medicine :: The 1975
Jupiter & Teardrop :: Grant Lee Buffalo
Solitaire :: Mark Lanegan
Looking for Nothing :: Aimee Mann
Make You Feel My Love :: Adele
One of These Things First :: Nick Drake
No Ordinary Love :: You+Me
November :: Azure Ray
Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright :: Bob Dylan
To be Alone :: Hozier
She Loves You :: The Gaslight Anthem
Delilah :: Tony Lucca
Lay Lady Lay :: Magnet
Whenever :: Beth Orton
Country House :: Blur
Factory :: Band Of Horses
Amoreena :: Elton John
The Other Woman :: Jeff Buckley
re: stacks :: Bon Iver
You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go :: Mary Lou Lord
I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) :: Cat Power
Still Life :: Suede

8 Replies to “Standing at the Crossroads of Memory and Make-Believe :: A Saturday Playlist”

  1. Hey Girl, this playlist is like you reading my emotions and this tug of war that we all play when it comes to love and loss.
    Like sunshine on broken glass one never knows where the light will take us.


    1. Or where to step or not to step, on said glass.

      Tug of war is spot on, and I think perhaps our emotions are in similar places at the moment.

      Hope you enjoyed.

      How was Halloween at the record shop?


      1. Halloween we closed early so everyone could go trick or treating with their families. Me, I spent the night trick or treating with my grandson’s who are 5 & 8 years old. It was a blast to see Halloween through the eyes of a child.


      2. Nice! I love Halloween, but there is something extra special about seeing it through the eyes of a child, as you say. My youngest is still enthralled by it (he’s 10), and enjoys still sharing it with me. The other two are older and off with friends (22 and 12), as it should be, but I do still cherish those fleeting childhood shared moments.

        What were your biggest album sellers of October?


      3. That’s pretty dang cool that you have three kids, We have two, 35 & 26 and the two grandsons. The older I get the more I truly appreciate them. And hey grandsons have been one hell of a bonus as I tell my daughter all the time 🙂

        Interesting enough Alt-J is the number one the top seller followed by Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL and the new Belle & Sebastian reissues which sound fantastic on vinyl.

        And me I’m been listening to a lot of JD McPherson and Mathew Ryan’s new release Boxers. Great album with just the right amount of attitude kinda reminds me of Paul Westerberg’s solo stuff


      4. I actually really love being a Mom, and I like to think I have 3 pretty cool kids. The girls are big music fans with eclectic taste. My son is more into video and board games – musically he loves soundtrack scores and classical.

        I do really like the Alt-J album. I didn’t know there were re-releases of B&S – I’m going to have to go down to my local record store to check those out. Is there a re-release on vinyl of Pulp’s Different Class coming out?

        My most recent vinyl purchase was Heartbreaker by Ryan Adams – sounds so wonderful.

        I’m going to have to check out your two “listenings to” – especially with the Westerberg comparison.


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