Come closer and see :: SOTD

Rite of Spring

Keep Art Alive :: “Rite of Spring” :: Art by Sarah Joncas

Come closer and see,
see into the trees,
find the girl while you can.”

Found (in the forest)
by me

She lies below the low hanging branches
the earth beneath her slowly dying
she gazes up silently in a wishing for words game
trying to ask the trees to give him back to her

The wind blows colder these days
tangling her hair and rusting her music box breast plate
the crank is breaking but it still turns slowly
the song a creaking plea for some kind of warm resucitation

Her lips are blood-stained and swollen
from every unsaid word she’s bitten back
But here she see the solace of an unlived childhood
the arms of a boy reaching for her flower petaled dreams

She closes her eyes tight enough to see the shooting stars
recalling the feel of intertwined fingers and stories read aloud
She fears he may not recognize the girl she was before
but her wide eyed gaze has him falling like dry leaves

He brings to her his first-aid kit all war-torn and sagging
their memories blurred and wrapped up in gauze
she tries to stop the broken pieces from tumbling out her chest
her heart always the last thing to go

He lies beside her now helping her search the sky for answers
their rib cages filling with detonated shrapnel and alarm bells
but the dirt is cracking at their sides with the promise of green
with every death something new must surely begin

A Forest :: Bat For Lashes

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  1. Such a dreamy and spacey song that somehow seems perfect for Halloween. I have never heard this one before and as Dick Clark would say “It has a good beat and you can dance to it” Happy Monday

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