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Scream Neve Campbell

It’s that time again, on the third Weird Wednesday in October (though admittedly a day late, shhhh), my groovy ghoulies, fellow lovers of Autumn and scary stories and Halloween, let’s take another look and listen at another awesome 90’s Horror Movie Soundtrack.

This time around we meet up with Sidney and her fellow Woodsboro high school friends, along with a news reporter, the local police, oh yeah, and a masked killer. It may be dangerous, but while we try to survive we can reflect on all the “horror/slasher movie rules“, keep each other from saying things like “I’ll be right back“, and maybe dance around some to the killer soundtrack that went along with the 1996 film, Scream.

It is near impossible to dance AND be scared at the same time, after all.


The soundtrack to Scream starts out with a 90’s pop-rock song by Birdbrain that will have you wanting to break out the flannel and stop washing your outgrown hair, and feel part of our youth again. There are some great covers here, a necessity in any great 90’s soundtrack, with Blue Oyster Cult, Alice Cooper and Flock of Seagulls getting rehabbed. We also get some killer songs from the likes of Moby, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and muse of David Lynch and Mark Frost, Julee Cruise. Oh, and not to be forgotten, is the industrial wonder of Sister Machine Gun (hands up if you remember them).  This is a soundtrack meant to get you moving fast, and also waxing a bit nostalgic on the 90’s (I know I am).


Just don’t answer the phone.

Here are my five favorite songs from Scream Soundtrack – do you have a favorite from this soundtrack? What is your favorite 90’s horror movie soundtrack?


1. Red Right Hand :: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds


2. Bitter Pill :: The Connells


3. Whisper :: Catherine


4. Don’t Fear the Reaper :: Gus
originally by Blue Oyster Cult


5. Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly) :: Soho
originally by Flock of Seagulls


4 thoughts on “Scream :: Top 5 Soundtrack Songs :: October’s Weird Wednesdays/Horror Movie Soundtracks

  1. My friend Lauren and I were talking about this soundtrack recently, it’s one of the best. I love your picks & I’m listening to them now.This is perfect for Weird Wednesday, Horror soundtracks & October spooky time because you can’t not remember scenes and images from the movie while listening and yet the music can be enjoyed separately-I know that sound like nonsense but it’s true. I love this side of the lesser known 90s music, to me this is the real deal. Love love love.

      1. Yep! I remember the song & who did it but maybe never heard anything else by that band. Sometimes that was a great way to discover bands and sometimes it was like “oh, I see this is the one really good song”. Sometimes there’s songs I like and on that soundtrack too, that I might not have enjoyed if it was on the radio but put it in context with the movie and it works so well and then to listen to after having seen it. (/ramble)

      2. Yes, all of that exactly. Some bands I never sought out, some I discovered via soundtracks and some I only like in the movie/soundtrack context – but still, I enjoy.

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