As Seen On TV :: American Horror Story: Freakshow :: “Monsters Among Us”

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As Seen On T.V. :: American Horror Story: Freakshow – “Monsters Among Us” :: Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Bring on the “gates of Hell” on this season of American Horror Story: Freakshow


My thoughts in three sentences (Spoiler Free):

I am a horror fan, an anthology/short story fan, and a fan of Ryan Murphy (yes, even Glee, despite it falling so far out of favor). Each season has had different effects on me, some I loved more than others, but all of them had moments and performances that were amazing, all that said, I think this season may be my favorite. Every note was hit in this episode, terror (that clown!), heartbreak (Jimmy and Elsa especially), mystery, suspense, sex (oh Evan Peters!), societal commentary, and complex characterization. Elsa singing Bowie’s Life On Mars dressed like The Thin Duke, and in her character’s German accent (I fucking love Jessica Lange), was beyond fantastic, and yes, I realize that Life On Mars was not around in the early 50’s, but the impact of the song, the theatrics of it, and the lyrical relevance, was perfect, and not unlike what Baz Luhrmann has done in many of his films.

Elsa Mars sings of “Life on Mars