I Know What You Did Last Summer :: Top 5 Soundtrack Songs :: October’s Weird Wednesdays/Horror Movie Soundtracks


Here we are again, on the second Weird Wednesday in October, my groovy ghoulies, fellow lovers of Autumn and scary stories and Halloween. This time it is time spent with friends, the kind of friends who know your deepest, darkest secret, the one that you all swore never to reveal. Let’s hangout with Julie, Helen, Barry and Ray and see who will be crowned this year’s Croaker Queen, while listening to some great 90’s horror movie soundtrack songs.


The soundtrack to I Know What You Did Last Summer starts out with a 90’s alterna-bang with a feel-good, dance-worthy song by Kula Shaker with a “can you keep a secret” title. There are quite a few grungy-alterna-rock songs here, as well as some riot grrrl music, and even a song from the son of Leonard Cohen. Some of the music is Summertime spirited, some are moody and gloomy, and others are, well, the kind of songs that make you miss the 90’s (or at least make me miss them).


Julie is calling for the 90’s horror movie music to come back, too

Here are my five favorite songs from I Know What You Did Last Summer Soundtrack – do you have a favorite from this soundtrack? What is your favorite 90’s horror movie soundtrack?


1. 2 Wicky :: Hooverphonic


2. Waterfall :: The Din Pedals

I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER, from left: Freddie Prinze Jr., Jennifer Love Hewitt, 1997, © Columb

3. Hush :: Kula Shaker


4. Hey Bulldog :: Toad The Wet Sprocket
originally by The Beatles


 5. Losin’ It :: Soul Asylum


Enjoy all your Spooky October 8 Secrets Everyone!

16 thoughts on “I Know What You Did Last Summer :: Top 5 Soundtrack Songs :: October’s Weird Wednesdays/Horror Movie Soundtracks

  1. Haha “Julie is calling for the 90’s horror movie music to come back, too”, Love that!
    Such torture waiting until I can watch the movie, I’ll just have to listen to the soundtrack here instead. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s outfit is SO ’90s in the last photo & I actually like Jennifer Love Hewitt’s especially the layered necklace look. Awesome post tonight, keep the October coming!

    1. I’m on the hunt to watch all 3 of the “I Know What You Did ” movies…I only really remember the 1st one well, and I’m not sure I ever saw the 3rd.

      I love JLH’s outfit, too 🙂

      1. Kind of makes me want to take excellent movies that don’t have their own radical 90s-esque soundtrack and make up my own for it with a playlist, hmmm….perhaps you’ve inspired a project.

      2. Maybe-or it’ll end up apart of the 50+ drafts I abandon which is lame of me. Either way you must continue on with the 1990s soundtracks–I was remembering more & more last night and some odd ones I had which of course I can’t remember again.

      3. I have started a list, so yes, I’ll continue with them…after I might veer into the 80’s, but later.

        Do you remember the sountrack to Go? Or to A Life Less Ordinary – great soundtracks 🙂

      4. I had Go, never had the A Life Less Ordinary soundtrack, just the movie so I’ll just cross my fingers you go over that one =D

      5. I don’t remember what’s on the Stealing Beauty soundtrack but I watched it recently and I can tell you that I’d like to live in that little house!

  2. Forgot the question–Soul Asylum is my favorite I think in this bunch & my favorite 90s soundtrack is way too hard b/c I end up listing too many(Heavy! Romeo & Juliet! Lost Highway!…see I can’t stop)But within the horror movies from that period I’ll go with Scream & Scream 2, I listened to those a ton.

      1. You should it’s one of your specialties;) and a great read. Nothing better than finishing a blog catch up and racing off to hear something inspired by the post.

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