It’s October 1st my groovy ghoulies, my lovers of Autumn and scary stories and Halloween, I know you are out there and that I am not alone in my love of this month. As I sip my morning coffee and re-apply my go-to favorite blood red lipstick I find myself wishing I could spend the day with Sarah, Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie (see above), or at least spin The Craft soundtrack all through my morning.


“on Wednesday we wear black.”

There was something so perfect about 90’s horror film soundtracks. Typically filled with indie favorites and unexpected cover song treasures, these soundtracks became mainstays in my heavy rotation. They were the cassettes I grabbed for in the car, the albums I grabbed when I was hanging around my apartment with friends, or when I was getting ready to go out. These horror soundtracks of the 90’s are ones I still return to even now, like this morning, when I’m facing an endless spiral of meetings and deadlines, when I feel like Nancy inside (see below), it is the spooky spectacular soundtracks that get me through.


Here are my five favorite songs from The Craft Soundtrack – do you have a favorite from this soundtrack? What is your favorite 90’s horror movie soundtrack?

Top 5 from The Craft


1. Witches Song :: Juliana Hatfield


2. I Have the Touch :: Heather Nova
originally by Peter Gabriel


3. Dark Secret :: Matthew Sweet


4. Tomorrow Never Knows :: Our Lady Peace


5. Dangerous Type :: Letters To Cleo


Happy October 1st to all the wonderful weirdos!

3 thoughts on “The Craft :: Top 5 Soundtrack Songs :: October’s Weird Wednesdays/Horror Movie Soundtracks

  1. Why thank you & Happy October 1st to you. Soundtracks use to be special. I was discussing this with somebody…there were exclusive songs by big artists but indie-ish discoveries mixed in too. There was a real concept to the soundtrack and every song conjured up a scene or feeling from the movie’s story and character’s and crossed over to us or at least sounded great coming out of our stereo speakers and made us want to watch the movie again.
    There are still bigger soundtracks sometimes like The Hunger Games or Twilight franchise and one here or there I get obsessed with(like the Adventureland soundtrack) but the business & appreciation of the soundtrack has changed so much since the 90s. It use to be a thrill to go and buy the soundtrack, it was anticipated as much as seeing the movie and in some cases when the movie was a disappointment the soundtrack still shined.

    Awesome awesome October 1st post.

    1. I was having a very similar conversation about just that yesterday which spawned the idea for October to do a shot out to horror soundtracks on Wednesdays, which will most likely be all 90’s horror movie soundtracks. I may just need to continue this after October and do other great movie soundtracks.

      Yes, there are a few that happen (Twilight and Hunger Games franchises, as you mentioned), but they are the exceptions, and not the rule. I have such a spectacular collection of soundtracks on cassette – almost all from the 90’s! I used to get so excited about them. I mean, take this one for instance, such a great mix of popular and indie artists, and some cool covers – enough that I could pick a “Top 5”, but still LOVE other songs on it.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Happy 1st!

      1. I was driving with a friend last spring & she whipped the Dead Man On Campus soundtrack out of her bag-I was stunned! Not that that’s a good movie but I couldn’t believe she had the soundtrack still all this time. It was like Blur, Elastica, Goldfinger, stuff like that.
        I know=( it was SO exciting back then…the movie & the soundtrack could be a double deal, see the movie, get the soundtrack and keep it going.

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