Keep Art Alive :: “Sliver” :: Art by Sarah Joncas

Don’t you wanna come with me?
Don’t you wanna feel my bones on your bones?
It’s only natural.”

New Bones
by me

My bones are clean
wiped dry and vacant
all of you is gone from me now

there was this last gasp
a poetic death rattle that I had to shake
to set the remnants free
to set myself free

My heart is open
healed over and hopeful
all the love I had for you is gone now

the train has left the platform of my memories
each circle of smoke blown out a frozen window dissipated
no more hand rolled papers to extinguish after we were done
because we are done

My pages are blank
all I see now is today and tomorrow
all of yesterday has blown away

so you can write me as anything you want
you never loved me right and I never loved you well
but none of that matters now
I’ve forgiven myself and let you go

My bones are clean
My heart is open
My pages are blank
and I am at the beginning

Bones :: The Killers

5 thoughts on “I can hear them when the dead of night comes calling :: SOTD

  1. L O V E
    I read this one after the “Here With Me” piece & see you did do some personal writing inspired by one of these and I like it. This is one one of my favorites you’ve written…it’s simple and clean but vibrant & full of imagery and I particularly love this “each circle of spoke blown out a frozen window dissipated no more hand rolled papers to extinguish after we were done” Wow.

    I adore this music video & song too and your New Bones compliments “Bones” perfectly, I think Brandon AND Tim would be flattered.

    1. Wow – thank you so much. I actually was worried that it was too stark and simple, but part of me wanted it to be like that, like skeletal bones would be. I’m glad you liked it…that means so much to me…and wow, well, I love the song too, but I don’t know about Brandon and Tim liking it…nice to imagine…:)

      1. Not too simple, and it makes sense…New Bones, the bare bones writing except you managed to make it vivid. It’s another one that kinda sounds like a song too.

      2. There are computer programs for everything & recording music wouldn’t it be weird if you could write a song with a computer app that thinks its a person or I dunno what I’m saying.
        You should check Dando’s latest youtube videos 1 of them is absurd(and fantastic).

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