Here With Me :: The Killers
from the album, Battle Born

About the song

Here With Me is a single from The Killers’ fourth studio album, Battle Born. It was released as the third single from the album on December 16, 2012, and was written by Brandon Flowers and Fran Healy.

The music video (see above) to was released on December 14, 2012 and was directed by acclaimed film director Tim Burton. This music video marks Burton’s return to directing music videos since directing the music video for The Killers’ 2006 single Bones (see today’s “Song of the Day” post).

Featuring actress Winona Ryder, the music video was filmed in Blackpool, England while The Killers took a break from the U.K. arena tour. Burton took the 1935 film Mad Love as inspiration for the concept of the music video.

The video portrays the love story between a young man played by actor Craig Roberts and Ryder’s wax mannequin. In the beginning, Roberts is seen purchasing a ticket to see Ryder’s performance. Ryder is seen autographing and taking pictures with fans, while Roberts gazes at both Ryder and her wax mannequin.

As the song lyrics state, “Don’t want your picture on my cell phone, I want you here with me,” Roberts remains desolate with just a mobile picture. Seeing the resemblance in the wax mannequin, Roberts decides to take her and embarks on several dates with her, filling the apparent emptiness he feels of not having the real Ryder beside him.

The dates include trips to the beach and a slow dance at an empty performance hall, while The Killers fill the room with their sentimental anthem. At the end of the video, Roberts is seen lighting a candle wick on top of Ryder’s wax mannequin and his own head. As of December 2013, the music video has been seen over 6.1 million times.

Following the single release and Cassadee Pope and The Killers’ performance on The Voice, Here with Me peaked on several Billboard charts. Although the single did not reach the Billboard Hot 100, it peaked at # 19 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Chart.

The single was fairly successful in the rock charts. It peaked at # 18 on the Rock Songs chart and # 13 on the Rock Digital Singles. Furthermore, the single peaked at # 10 on the Alternative Digital Songs chart, internationally, Here with Me peaked at # 88 on the Canadian Hot 100.


My thoughts:

I want to see a full-length movie taken from the story told in this video, the story that the song tells, as well. I can see it unfolding into an indie love story, with dark shadowy moments and damaged characters, but ultimately full of hope and heart. That said, I can also imagine something much more sinister involving the mannequin version of Winona, how perhaps our young lead goes mad with his infatuation, kidnapping his love, and making a doll out of her in order to keep her all to himself – for good.

Either way, this video is certainly worthy of the first day of October’s “Video of the Day“.


4 thoughts on “Don’t want your memory in my head now :: VOTD

  1. This is my least favorite Killers song(next to Uncle Jonny) & video but I appreciate the dark look and story(and the themes about connection & technology as well as celebrity and obsession) and I really dig your alternative movie ideas to be adapted from this video–especially a sinister mannequin(Sinister Mannequin is an amazingly strange name for something and I may have to change my twitter name to that for a while!)
    I bet you if you used your ideas & the video as your inspiration you could write something very interesting & spine-tingly even if it’s part of your series where you write a short story to go with the art, but use the video. You’re onto something.
    Anyway this video certainly goes with the October vibe and after reading what you wrote & replying I feel like watching the video now…am I starting to like it? Hmmm you may have turned my feelings around on it.

    1. I like the video more than the song, but I love Winona so I think the video won me over. I may try my hand on a spooky short story and call it Sinister Mannequin (wouldn’t that make a GREAT band name????)

      So, did you feelings change at all? If nothing else, it is nice a spooky (the video that is) for the 1st of October!

      1. That’s the way to put…video outshines the song for sure. I like the idea of the song but it’s a little dull(same for that “Be Still” ‘er whatever it is on BB, I skip it.
        I did listen & watch again and I enjoyed it much more, I paid more attention to the art & direction in the video than the song & BF and enjoyed it more. It’s great when somebody can switch my pov on something like that, good job:D

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