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As Seen On T.V. :: Pilot Watch :: Tuesday, September 24, 2014

This week is overflowing with pilots, enough that I’ve had to schedule my time and wake up an hour earlier every morning in order to keep up with both the watching, and the writing. But fear not, I am nothing if I am not persistent.

You can think of these “Pilot Season” posts as a “I watch so you don’t have to” and maybe you’ll find one that seems in your wheelhouse and you’ll check it out, too (or, you know, spare yourself the really bad ones).

So, in this installment of “As Seen On TV” I will give a three-sentence review of the pilots from this Tuesday night – Forever, NCIS: New Orleans and Selfie. This installment will not include SPOILERS, though later episode reviews may.

Please share your thoughts in the comments to the shows I mini-review – I welcome all reactions, debate and discussions, and, as always, bring on the TV show recommendations, old and new.


Haven’t I seen you before? Maybe in New Amsterdam? :: Forever “Pilot”

My thoughts in three sentences:

There once was this short-lived television show called New Amsterdam that starred a man who could not die and worked as an NYPD Homicide Detective and an older man who was the only one that knew his secret, oh, and a love interest doctor who suspects something is up with our Mr. New Amsterdam/”I can’t die“. There now is a new series called Forever starring a man who cannot die who works as a Medical Examiner in NYPD (working often with NYPD Homicide) and an older man who is the only one that knows his secret, oh, and  a love interest that is an NYPD detective who suspects something is up with our Mr. Forever/”I can’t die“.  I enjoyed it more this story the first time around, and no, this isn’t a remake.

Rating (out of 5): 2

Will I watch again: Not likely.



I popped my NCIS cherry in New Orleans :: NCIS: New Orleans “Musician Heal Thyself

My thoughts in three sentences:

How is this show the pilot that has received the most ratings, and who is it that actually watches all these NCIS shows (I’m not sure I know anyone that does)? Okay, I watched it because a) I made a promise to watch ALL the pilots, b) I like Scott Bakula and CCH Pounder, and c) I like stories based in New Orleans, and my summation is a) okay, watching it is thankfully over, b) they can do so much better, and c) this was really New Orleans, or was it just a set with lots of mentions of Cajan food and hey, what’s that, a jazz musician? This entire episode was boring and bland, the characters flat and the story uninteresting, the case and the plot predictable (the only unique thing about this show is it seems to be the only “pilot” not named “pilot“).

Rating (out of 5): 1.5

Will I watch again: No, no way, no how, never, never.

Musician Heal Thyself


A surprising show with a horrible name :: Selfie “Pilot”

My thoughts in three sentences:

Welcome to the new show I was most certain I would hate, even if John Cho and Karen Gillan are in it (both whom I like so much). The weird things is, I didn’t hate it, I actually thought it was charming and funny, paced well, and actually had a lot of heart – surprising for a show that is cringe-worthy in its use of a current pop-reference that everyone is already sick of hearing as its title, a misstep that Cougar Town did, too (but at least they realized what they did and made fun of it starting Season 2). Karen and John make this “My Fair Lady” interpretation enjoyable, and I felt more from their characters in under 30 minutes than I have for a lot of hour-long shows that are currently on-air or piloting right now – plus, they bring to light concerns and questions regarding Social Media’s impact on relationships and communications (albeit with much levity) that I often feel, and question..

Rating (out of 5): 4

Will I watch again: Surprisingly yes.


7 thoughts on “As Seen On TV :: Pilot Watch :: Forever, NCIS: New Orleans & Selfie

  1. I do not get the CSI stuff, that show is absurdly popular! People love it rabidly and every bit I’ve caught from it has supremely sucked. The spin-off looks as awful as you make it sound. I wish they’d play reruns of Quantum Leap instead, I’d happily tune in.

    1. It was so, I don’t know if terrible is the right word, but just dull and boring and less than mediocre. I would happily watch reruns of QL for Bakula and Warehouse 13 for Pounder – both shows I truly enjoyed.

  2. I had never even heard of the other two, but I was CERTAIN that Selfie was going to be terrible. Because of you, I will definitely watch the pilot. 🙂

    1. Selfie isn’t perfect, but there’s something sweet about it that I can’t help but like, and I think I’m so fed up with Social Media that that commentary resonated with me.

      1. Yep, and that joke was in the trailer which is why I was like “nope no way”.

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