The Good Ones :: The Kills
from the album, No Wow

About the song

The Good Ones is the first released single from the second studio album by The Kills. It was released in February of 2005 on Domino Records. No Wow showcases the bands definite blues and garage rock influences, and post-punk sensibilities.

The Good Ones was released in February of 2005, as well, and the song peaked at # 23 in the UK Singles Chart.

The song, and album (No Wow) was originally written to be performed on a Moog, the band was forced to change directions and record it primarily using a guitar after Hince’s Moog broke and couldn’t be repaired before entering the studio.


 My thoughts:

Seeing The Kills live changed my feelings about the band, taking my liking of them and turning it way, way up into the favorite band category. Some bands are like that, they exist in some kind of music limbo where I will pick and choose a song or two to throw on a playlist, and enjoy when they hit my ears, but not fully throw myself into until I see them play. Some bands need the energy to come alive, and for me The Kills is one of those bands.

Alison Mosshart is HOT AS HELL, and talented way beyond that. Watching her slink onstage, prowling and growling and reminding me of a reincarnated Jim Morrison I swear the entire audience was hers to devour. She has stage presence and a hypnotic presence, and something more still, something feral and hard to define. Her chemistry with Jamie Hince is undeniable, and his guitar work is phenomenal. I love when they sing together. Together they are on fire.


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