Soft hair and a velvet tongue,
I want to give you what you give to me,
and every breath that is in your lungs,
is a tiny little gift to me.”

She always reminds of him of Fall, of falling, of dead leaves on the ground and shared smokes on the back steps in the chilled early night air. They talked in circles, in circumferences, in catastrophic urgency. He loved the shape her mouth would make when she argued with him, the way her hands would dance in the air, and the way she would end each point made with a touch, a kindness in the midst of her fire.

She liked to make promises to him that he would later call lies. She liked to make shapes in the dirt with the point of her boots, all curlicues and poetic angles. She liked to make him tremble by leaving red lipstick rings in places no one else would see, spaces they only knew about. She doled out tiny deaths like Halloween candy, like the dead leaves, like the end of Summer. She gave these delicious endings again and again, and he kept coming back for more, falling after her, for her, underneath her.

He always reminds her of Fall, of falling, of dead leaves on the dirty ground and of the way he liked her best when she was inhaling smoke into her lungs, and exhaling praises in his name. He liked her to say he was her only one, her chosen one, the best one she ever had. He liked to see her dirtied, lipstick stained and ripped stockings with spread legs and demeaned expressions. He liked to see her crawl across the floor in the agony and ecstasy of something called love. He doled out abuse like Communion wafers, and she placed each one on her tongue, giving in and giving over, again and again, always coming back for more.

She would be gone when the season ended. Bags packed and a hired van to take her away. She would look back at the Fall, at their fall, and sometimes roll about in the memories until the pain set in again. He would always remind her of that one tiny gift that became one great mistake, the one she would never return to again.

Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground :: The White Stripes

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