I’m as riddled as the tide :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “The Path” :: Art by Margarita Georgiadis

On the floating, ship less oceans,
I did all my best to smile,
till your singing eyes and fingers,
drew me loving to your isle.
And you sang,
‘sail to me,
sail to me,
let me enfold you’.
Here I am,
here I am
waiting to hold you.”

A Siren Song
by me

The Siren chimes sleepless longings to the sky
the ocean so far from her now
the waves only ripples on her skin
as she arches her back in restless sighs
fingers playing forgotten melodies as she crashes again and again

His face is lost in the decade that has passed between them
she can only recall his eyes on her
and the softness of the palms of his hands
the two of them falling backwards into chlorine poisoned waters
tangled hair and arms and tongues making love out of drowning

She carried his picture around for ten years
creating stories in her head as she took someone else’s hand
dinner plates and three day rentals poised as feigned connection
her gaze forever set in a way off yesterday
wished words of what she was left unsaid as they went under again

The Siren knows he will never see the stories she spins
while others peer between her walls and swear each twist is theirs
it is always the wrong ones who mistake her passion as their own
mistaking once shared smoke circles and her tiny deaths as confessions
inflated egos translating her poured out refrains as a secret language

He will never read her words
He never knew the Siren was his to lose
or that he is her only regret

Song to the Siren :: This Mortal Coil

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