What it all could be :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “Ascent” :: Art by Margarita Georgiadis

You could be my poison,
my cross,
my razor blade,
I could love you more than life,
if I wasn’t so afraid.”

You stood on the curb’s edge, balancing from one foot to the other, squinting in the early morning sun. Eyes the color of the ocean in those vacation to paradise commercials, cool and clear with a spark of green. Those eyes toyed with me, danced for me, made promises that I wanted to believe.

You teetered toward me, wavering but not falling, smiling widely, teeth bared, and I thought you could take me anywhere, you could eat me alive. Everything was moving too quickly, the world spun off its axis, me standing there thinking that I could have babies with you, spend endless days with you, plan a life with you.

You, but I barely knew you, and yet it all seemed so sure. But we never found out, we never knew, the fear inside my chest becoming the rolled credits at the end of the film, our abrupt ending. The “what if” disappearing into the ether of yesterday and any day and never.

You wandered away from me, disappearing in the distance, becoming nothing but a memory, a late night fantasy, the subject of playlists, the contents of regret. My veins were free of poison, the surface of my skin clear of scars, but my heart is empty, so empty and vacant and over.

My Favourite Faded Fantasy :: Damien Rice

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