Won’t you wrap the night around me? :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “Compulsion” :: Art by Margarita Georgiadis

Love is clockworks,
and cold steel,
fingers too numb to feel;
squeeze the handle,
blow out the candle,
love is blindness.”

I stand here silently screaming, my insides aching, my fingers gone numb, watching everything around me fall apart even as they all sit there smiling and perfectly together. Love should come with a warning, or at least the kind of love I find myself in, forever falling, forever drifting, forever gasping for air. I always end up here, staring in unblinking surprise, as everything unfolds into disappointment.

I’m always the one with the strength, the one with the overarching responsibility, the one with one foot out the door and ready to run. I start out blinded by hope, by desire, by the naivete of a child believing in things like true love, never comprehending the frailty of commitment, the pitfalls of promises, and the unavoidable repetitiveness of choices and outcomes. We all play the same roles again and again, except each time a layer is worn down, an element of faith removed, an aspect of personality disintegrated.

I fall to the ground, rolling about in the silence, wishing for my heart to grow as numb as my hands, longing to see the next turn in the road, closing my eyes tight enough to go blind again.

Love is Blindness (live) :: Sharon Corr & The Devlins

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