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Keep Art Alive :: “Woven” :: Art by Margarita Georgiadis

What if I never even see you cuz we’re both on a stage?
Don’t tell me listen to your song because it isn’t the same.
I don’t wanna say your love is a waiting game

Last Call
by me

The bus was leaving
with or without you
and my fingers crossed behind my back
as I helped you gather your things
reminding you to hurry

The clock is a time bomb
ticking down our end
and you hold me close and whisper promises
as I try so very hard to believe
pretending this isn’t goodbye

The phone is our broken connection
clutched in my hand
and I cling to the static of our sleepless nights
as you try to pretend you are alone
denying her voice beckoning

These songs are yours
packaged for long distance
and I tell you again that I’d prefer your hands
as you try to explain the next verse
ending all our beginnings

My heart was not built for your kind of fame

Waiting Game :: Banks

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