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This month’s Evan & Juliana Day installation is a continuation of the “as heard on the screen” theme from last month, except this time we shrink the screen down to a television size and have a look, and listen, at what Juliana and Evan have contributed via a televised soundtrack. Music heard on TV has become such a thing that there are countless websites, and even a series of Spotify playlists entitled TV Jukebox, put together by Entertainment Weekly, celebrating the non-theme song tunes taken from current, and past, television episodes.

After taking a listen to Evan & Juliana from the small screen, don’t forget to head on over to see what Susan is spinning for E&J day over at At the Library, where she helps answer the question of what it’s like to be a human, musically speaking, that is.


In 1994 we were introduced to a adolescent girl and her circle of friends that were so relatable and real that the show is still talked about today as one of the most quintessential teenage depictions in television history. Angela Chase had a little bit of all of us in her, even the cringe worthy bits, and though we only got one season out of the deal, it was enough to live in our memories, and to return to, when we need that dose of mid-90’s teenage life, love, friendship, and music.

Scene from My So-Called Life with Juliana Hatfield singing Make It Home


Juliana not only contributed a song to the show, but guest starred as a homeless ghost/angel in the holiday themed So-Called Angels episode, one that was the real tear-jerker of the series.

Here’s the song in its entirety
Make It Home :: Juliana Hatfield


In episode 11 of My So-Called Life, entitled Life of Brian, we hear The Lemonheads song Dawn Can’t Decide kick off the “World Happiness Dance“, a dance that is less than happy for pretty much everyone in attendance mostly because they are all wishing they were with someone else. I can vividly remember a few of my own high school dances, going with friends or with the wrong date, wishing my crush had been the one I was walking in with.

Dawn Can’t Decide :: The Lemonheads


Do you have any favorite Evan or Juliana songs you’ve heard on TV?


16 thoughts on “Make your way home :: Evan & Juliana Day

  1. I love that first black and white shot of Juliana.
    The “Other Peoples Mothers” episode has a few more, one Lemonheads & 2 or 3 Julianas, it’s THE BEST! I absolutely love “Dawn Can’t Decide” in the show because the play the entire song, score.
    There are probably more I just don’t know about but the only time I remember watching TV and hearing a song by either of them(besides that car commercial with the rip-off “It’s A Shame About Ray” and that doesn’t count!, is on Friends when they played “Into Your Arms”. I need to investigate this. Awesome post Laura!

    1. Thanks! Yes, there are more of their songs in the show, I just chose to focus on the World Happiness Dance episode (Life of Brian). Juliana’s Spin the Bottle is played during the party at Rayanne’s (before the party starts) and Lemonheads’ Down About It is played during the party. SO MUCH great 90’s music on the show! The writer/creator’s daughter, who was a teenager at the time, helped a lot with picking the music.

      I do remember Into Your Arms on Friends…I’m sure there is more incidences, but MSCL is dear to me so that’s the one that really sticks out.

      Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

      1. It’s funny it seems like I should know if there’s more TV spots but I have no idea. I love that episode of MSCL too<3, definitely sticks out as a favorite & now that I'm typing this I just remembered Juliana being on Pete & Pete, there were tons of rock and roll guest stars on that show, she played the lunch lady! I don't remember any of her songs being featured but it was so long ago.

        Did you see Vulture's article on the soundtrack?

      2. I remember Juliana being on Pete & Pete, but I don’t remember any of her music in the episode…it’s been awhile though. SO MANY awesome guest stars on that show!

        I didn’t see Vulture’s article.

      3. A friend of mine got the series a few years ago started watching it but I didn’t remember she was on it until then, I only remembered Iggy and maybe Henry Rollins? I do want to watch it but not if it’s not free on Netflix!
        I think I pinned the Vulture article I’ll send it your way in case you wanna read it. It won’t be anything new to you but it’s just fun to look at.

  2. Um, I’m back. I forgot “My Mad Fat Diary” although I didn’t actually see it. My friend Amy was pumped to tell me she heard a LHs song on the series. I still need to watch because that show comes highly recommended.

    1. YES!!! I LOVE My Mad Fat Diary so so so so much! I believe there are a few LH songs in the second season. Into Your Arms for sure in the first episode of the second season. More later that season, too, I think.

      1. I can’t wait to see it, I think there’s a song off CBC only because I think that’s what Amy mentioned to me but as usual I could be incorrect, I do not know what I’m talking about!
        I need to see it! It was streaming for free on some site for a month and I forgot to watch.

        Hope you do some more MSCL soundtrack features on your blog, I love reading it and for some reason the whole “back to school” autumn stuff always makes me crave MSCL too.

      2. Funny, I was just considering doing a rewatch. Fall, and Halloween especially, always puts me in the mood to watch it, and Twin Peaks, and Felicity. I will do a few more My So-Called Life posts, for certain, especially as its the 20 year anniversary this year (SO WEIRD). Maybe I’ll start doing a 90’s TV rewatch.

        You should write something about My So-Called Life, too!!!

      3. I just saw a little thingy on aol about it being the 20 year anniversary of Party of Five. That was my jam. I think I’m gonna do a rewatch of those & write up something.
        I will just eat up all your MSCL posts, happy to hear you’ll keep on it.
        I rewatched over the summer and took notes on each episode with quotes, symbolism, music, I went nuts and I plan to eventually write something. My friend(Amy again!) were talking about writing it up as if we were teaching a college course on MSCL and television as art. But knowing myself I will end up writing something dopey about the show when I actually get around to it. And you probably didn’t need that long of an explanation. Bye!<3

      4. I definitely NEEDED that long of an explanation 🙂 PLEASE write something up with that much detail – I would EAT IT UP!!!

        I think I will do an epic rewatch and do posts on each episode. It will probably bore anyone and everyone except maybe you and I – but who cares, right? 🙂

        You know, I never watched Party of Five. I was bitter that it lasted and MSCL didn’t, so I never watched. I may have to remedy that someday.

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