My Weekly Top 10 :: Week of 9/8/14

1. Ryan Adams My number one on this week’s Top Five New Releases was the latest release from Ryan Adams, self-titled and overflowing with songs just waiting to be slipped into a playlist. I’m obsessing over the song Kim currently (which subsequently made it on to this week’s Saturday Playlist). Ryan’s playing in Santa Barbara soon, the closest to Los Angeles show on the roster (so far), and I’m quite tempted to make it a road trip and overnight stay in order to see him play live again. See my review of Ryan Adams self-titled here. Kim (live on the … Continue reading My Weekly Top 10 :: Week of 9/8/14

Make your way home :: Evan & Juliana Day

This month’s Evan & Juliana Day installation is a continuation of the “as heard on the screen” theme from last month, except this time we shrink the screen down to a television size and have a look, and listen, at what Juliana and Evan have contributed via a televised soundtrack. Music heard on TV has become such a thing that there are countless websites, and even a┬áseries of Spotify playlists entitled TV Jukebox, put together by Entertainment Weekly, celebrating the non-theme song tunes taken from current, and past, television episodes. After taking a listen to Evan & Juliana from the … Continue reading Make your way home :: Evan & Juliana Day