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Keep Art Alive :: “Mermaids Sleep” :: Art by Kelly Vivanco
see Kelly Vivanco’s art this Saturday at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles

My scream got lost in a paper cup.
You think there’s a heaven,
where some screams have gone.”

Maybe you
(my me)

She was always screaming silent,
slicing razor-skin and lining up a powder persuasion.
No one sees her in the empty room,
nor in a smoke filled cacophony of characters,
no one except maybe you.

Maybe he saw her stillness dancing,
the way her arms would wrap around then break apart.
The red lipped remnant girl with an ice cold glare.
He used to call me every name but my own as he crept inside,
as if kindness could kill.

The train pulled in to the station fifteen minutes later,
the cold and the drink fighting for the wheel inside.
She asks if he will love her when her wits are gone,
and he laughs a staccato shake that echoes from the walls
His response in fingers pressing hard on her lips.

Stay silent, dear dark darling,
and just pretend.

Silent All These Years (live) :: Tori Amos

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