The Ghost Who Walks :: Karen Elson
from the album, The Ghost Who Walks

The Ghost Who Walks is the title track, and lead single, from the debut album from British singer-songwriter Karen Elson. Karen explained to DJ Steve Lamacq that “the title was a nickname that I had in school. It was one of the nicer nicknames I had for being tall, pale and a little bit haunted.”

She went on to explain about the song itself, “When I was writing the song I had the music written and ‘the ghost who walks’ just popped into my head. I thought ‘let’s turn this into some kind of murder ballad, let’s turn it into a very dark tale about a girl who’s madly, madly in love with her man and he’s taking her out on a romantic drive up to the lake to watch the beautiful spring full moon and as he takes her to the lake he kills her.’ When I was writing the song, what I was trying to portray was the idea of love and betrayal and how the girl in ‘The Ghost Who Walks,’ what she is really haunted by is her heartbreak, it’s really nothing else and when people are heartbroken you walk around like a ghost you walk around haunted.”

The song, and album, was produced by then husband Jack White at his Third Man Studios in Nashville.



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