236. Where the Heart Is

The lesser known of the Where the Heart is films (both are on my top 300 lists), this one is my favorite of the two. It is a surreal at times, predictable in premise but unique in delivery, story about a set of siblings who are forced to figure out to live life without the crutch of wealth. Their struggles in the “Common People” life is where they come of age, and develop a unconventional family made up of siblings and friends and artists and strays.

“I never considered the possibility of failure.”


Finale by Peter Martin


Where the Heart Is


237. Dakota Skye

Dakota, a cynical, sarcastic teenager of the Juno’s Juno and TV’s Wonderfalls Jaye’s ilk, possessing a superpower, of sorts, in that she can tell if anyone speaking to her is lying; I say “of sorts” because I think this is a lousy ability to have as I do not think anyone truly wants to know if, and how often, they are being lied to. This power of Dakota’s has always been with her, as we learn in flashbacks, some funny, and some heartbreaking. I love how relatable the story is, despite the magic elements, and I love the decisions we see Dakota makes towards the end, all of her decisions, and I applaud a film that does not continue to push the bullshit that the only choices to a girl is which boy she chooses to be with.

“But I can’t tell you that, can I?”


“Drive. I said drive.”




238. Sympathy for Delicious

What if you had the power to heal everyone but yourself, and what if yourself was broken in a way that seemed to be ruining your life? Would you give your healing as a gift, as a way to profit or become famous, or would you hold it away in secret since you do not get to be touched by it at all? This film, written and directed by Mark Ruffalo (who is also in it), is a dark and honest and brutal and beautiful look at humanity, at love, at life, at ability, at music, at fame, at religion, and at redemption.

Clip by the film’s director of photography, Christopher Norr.


Sympathy for Delicious :: The Mars Volta




239. Les Miserables

The music is epic, emotional, enthralling, and the intimacy that this film encapsulates makes it an unforgettable watch. I’ve loved the music and the story since I was in musical theater college classes and saw it for the first time on-stage. The performances are amazing in this, all of them, every single one – music and acting and production – a make me cry everytime experience.

I Dreamed a Dream


Do You Hear the People Sing?




240. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

The first time I ever noticed Leonardo DiCaprio and thought “this is an actor to watch out for”. The story is heartbreaking, and hits on some personal parts of me and my life growing up. Seriously, such amazing performances in this film – Leo, Johnny, Juliette Lewis.

“Because he’s Gilbert.”


“No one’s sorry.”



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