I think I’m gonna fall again :: SOTD

Kelly Vivanco

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This love,
this love is a strange love,
in that it can lift a love.
This love.”

For 23
by me

From miles away you drifted towards me,
and from a few steps between I caught your first smile,
it all so endless all at once,
without reason or rhyme,
a something that would defy explanation as you lips met mine.

You gave me the oars to row,
let me lead the way across the water,
while you looked toward a future along the horizon,
making plans and promises out of wishing stars,
It would have been so very easy to just let myself fall.

Your love it felt undescribable,
a change so sudden and complete that it threw me up in space,
I went drifting away with it,
amongst our passionate loss of control
I started to see that you had the oars all along.

But my heart is not so easily opened,,
the fear to be left wanting to heavy a load
and heavy was the cost my dear dark darling,
as the boat began to topple over on my side,
no matter how much you kept trying to keep us afloat.

When I close my eyes I can still feel you inside of me,
your fingers both cool and hot to the touch,
the gold flecks in green eyes dancing magic in the cigarette glow,
and the way you said I love you without words,
I wish I’d stayed curled like a cat at your side.

But I let you drift away,
as if it never meant a thing.

This Love :: Craig Armstrong & Elizabeth Fraser

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